Hillary Clinton on Trump: ‘As an American, I’m pretty worried’

Hillary Clinton on Trump: ‘As an American, I’m pretty worried’In her first interview since the presidential election, Hillary Clinton said Thursday that while she has mostly recovered from her devastating loss, she continues to feel apprehensive about the country’s direction under President Trump. The New York Times’ Nicholas Kristof interviewed Clinton in front of a packed theater at New York’s Lincoln Center to close out Day 2 of the annual Women in the World Summit. Following a brief but affectionate introduction by comedian Samantha Bee (“It should have been you,” the “Full Frontal” host told Clinton), the former secretary of state unpacked her thoughts on her November defeat, reported Russian interference in the election, and the Trump administration’s chaotic kickoff. Urging a bipartisan investigation into the Kremlin’s role in the election, Clinton warned that Russia was probably emboldened by the outcome of its meddling.

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