Healthy brain linked to active sex life in old age

By Lisa Rapaport (Reuters Health) – – A healthy sex life in old age may help keep the brain healthy as well, though this connection may not work the same way for both sexes, a U.K. study suggests. After adjusting for other factors that might explain the link between brain function and sexual habits – age, relationship status, living arrangements, education, wealth, exercise routines, depression, loneliness and quality of life – older men’s sexual activity levels were still tied to how well they did on both word-recall and number sequencing tests, the study found. “Whilst our research is not concerned with how men and women `think’ about sex in a conscious sense, it is possible that our results may be related to hormones which affect the brain – and hence cognitive functions – in men and women differently, at a subconscious level,” co-author Hayley Wright of Coventry University told Reuters Health by email.
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