Greta Thunberg says people underestimate 'angry kids' as decade ends with one of hottest years on record

Greta Thunberg says people underestimate 'angry kids' as decade ends with one of hottest years on recordTeenage activist Greta Thunberg said the world was underestimating "angry children" as she arrived for this year's international climate summit in Spain after a three-week journey crossing the Atlantic.  Her arrival came as the UN said this decade will be the warmest on record, with 2019 among the top three hottest years in history.    “Everyone should do what they can to be on the right side of history; no country is doing enough,” Ms Thunberg said after being welcomed at a Lisbon port by Mayor Fernando Medina.  She made the three-week journey on a catamaran with a British navigator and an Australian sailing couple after the summit was moved from Chile to Madrid because of unrest in its original host country. Promising to continue her journey to the Spanish capital after a couple of days’ rest, Ms Thunberg said she would “fight so that the voices of the people and the young would be heard from the other side of the wall”. “People are underestimating the power of angry children. We are annoyed and frustrated, but for good reason.”   Ms Thunberg is expected to speak at the COP25 summit, where countries will attempt the finalise the rules for the rollout of the 2015 Paris Agreement on climate change. Spain's Socialist government offered to host this year's UN climate conference, COP25, after the event's original host Chile withdrew last month  Recent days have seen several reports on the state of global warming intended to put pressure on countries to reach a consensus.  The World Meteorological Organization (WMO) yesterday said global temperatures so far this year were 1.1 degrees Celsius above the pre-industrial average between 1850-1900, meaning that 2019 could turn out to be the hottest year ever not affected by the El Niño phenomenon. Opening the COP25 climate change summit in Madrid this week, Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez said “only a handful of fanatics now deny the evidence” that climate change is caused by human activity. Mr Sánchez spoke to an audience that did not include members of the Donald Trump administration, which served notice last month that it was to withdraw the country from the Paris Agreement, under which countries committed to work to limit global temperature rises to "well below" 2C. Global temperature anomaly (°) The UN said last week that the world needed to cut rising carbon emissions by 7.6 percent each year, every year, until 2030 to hit 1.5C – the target it now says is necessary to limit the impact of climate change.  Even if all Paris pledges were honoured, Earth is still on course to be more than 3C warmer by the end of the century. "Our economic activities continue to use the atmosphere as a waste dump for greenhouse gases," said Joeri Rogelj, Grantham Lecturer in Climate Change at Imperial College London. Supporters of Ms Thunberg hope that she will be present to lead a demonstration being organised by youth groups against climate change on Friday. Among a group of young protesters who gathered outside Spain’s parliament on the eve of COP25, many expressed similar anger and frustration as their Swedish idol. “I’m angry and annoyed with our politicians who do nothing,” says Paula Mancebo, a 20-year-old university student from Madrid. “Older people think this is not going to affect them and they are just going to take as much as they can while they can, but it’s going to affect everyone. We are just asking for people to live a simpler life, and not one that causes damage, especially to people in less developed parts of the world.”

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