Fitness & Sports Drink – Vitamin Water

If you want to go the extra distance in any sport you need to hear about this new, exciting and Olympic body approved sports Drink called StarGate Nutrition Glycophos Sports Drink. Just 20 ml of this vitamin laced elixir will have you feeling ‘fresh’ in minutes.


What is StarGate Nutrition TM Glyco-Phos?

This product is a remarkable energy supplement containing all the building blocks of muscles and ATP including: soluble proteins, complex carbohydrates, amino acids, phosphorus, vanadium, GTF chromium, creatine and ribose all in the form found in natural food. It is a group of monosaccharides (single sugars which the body can readily use) linked to the element.

Phosphorous (an essential material for the body especially within the energy production functions of the body). For sugars to be used by the body for energy, it must be linked to phosphorus -

This is a totally unique product.

Glycophos provides a prolonged supply of energy.

The energy provision, weight for weight, of Glycophos compared to food carbohydrates from an average normal diet is several times greater.

- Selectively helps to prevent the deamination of muscle proteins (thus body proteins are protected; an especially important factor when people are dieting to lose weight)

- There are no known contraindications for taking Glycophos. The only one precaution is that diabetics, on insulin should take the initial doses with care and should have their blood sugars monitored over the first month as it may reduce their insulin requirements (It has been successfully used by doctors to control unstable diabetes and help to reduce the insulin dependency level ).

- Not only does Glycophos improve the physical energy release but it also considerably improves the mental energy release allowing you to think more clearly and decisively and hence put more into your life (Doctors have also successfully used Glycophos to help combat depression and early Alzheimer’s Syndrome.

- Under normal dosage regimes, a little Glycophos goes a long way. – Glycophos is non-addictive and is not dependency forming. It can be stopped whenever and can be resumed at will.

- Glycophos has been investigated by the British Olympic Committee and has been cleared as not contravening the international unnatural substances and drug regulations for sports bodies. The Advantages of Taking StarGate NutritionTM Glycophos allows the body to convert its own energy resources into actual energy with minimal calorie increased intake. Thus actually providing the person with a boost of energy without the need for increased carbohydrate intake. This has a number of advantages.

Many foodstuffs require 1 to 1.5 hours to allow release of their energy store. This is often too late for the energy low.

Glycophos TAKES 10 TO 20 MINUTES AND LASTS FOR ABOUT 4 HOURS ordinary food lasts 2 to 2.5 hours.

Why is StarGate Nutrition TM Glyco-Phos Plus* so unique?

Based on scientific research, the human body gets its energy from ATP (Adenosine-Tri-Phosphate). The body generates ATP from complex ingredients found in food. Glyco-Phos includes these complexes in a highly concentrated form. The result is a food concentrate that supplies 5 times the energy normally found in a breakfast meal (without the bulk of food). It is also believed that the missing link in the Phosphagen cycle is a combination of Ribose and Creatine.

Independent studies show that the base formula in Glyco-Phos supplies 4 times more energy than Fructose, produces no hypoglycaemic effect, and has only 36 calories per serving. This formula contains not only Glyco-Phos, but also creatine and ribose.

How Does Glycophos Work?

The body breaks down a substance called ATP (adenosine tri-phosphate), in its cells, to produce energy, which can be used by the cell, and a substance called ADP (adenosine di-phosphate). The ADP is then rebuilt back into ATP and is ready to be broken down again to release energy. This process is at the heart of all cell energy release mechanisms. The materials needed to rebuild the ADP into ATP are provided in Glycophos.

Thus the energy release mechanism of the cell is kept primed and ready to do its work. NO OTHER KNOWN PRODUCT ON THE MARKET IS ABLE TO DO THIS. This powerful energy release is called Molecular Energy because a molecule is split to provide it, just as Atomic Energy is released by splitting an atom.

How Do I Use StarGate NutritionTM Glycophos? There is no fixed dose. There is, however an optimum dose. This means that there is a dose that works best in given circumstances. For the ordinary person requiring support for their dietary regime or just requiring a little extra energy boost a dose is 10 ml desert spoonful of Glycophos.

For those experiencing a ‘low’ at certain times of the day, this dose should be taken 30 minutes before this. It is strongly recommended that the appropriate dose is taken in an equal mixture of natural spring water and a fruit juice at the dilution of 15ml Glycophos to 100ml (4fl.ozs) of the fruit and water.

This dilution rate is not critical and the rate can be varied to suit taste.

How do I purchase StarGate NutritionTM Glycophos?

StareGate Nutrition Glycophos is available in bottles of 125ml. We recommend that a person takes between 15-20 ml (millilitres) when they are not in training and up to 30ml when in full sports training.