Echinacea the Cure to the Common Cold and More

The Echinacea is flower listed among the best known and most efficient herbal remedies of our days. It has been used by Native Americans for curing such physical problems as colds, fevers, snakebites or even stubborn wounds.

During the last decades, Echinacea became widely spread and well known as a plant that possesses certain efficient antiviral, antifungal and antiseptic properties.

This plant has been used even in AIDS medicines. Even though the most commonly cultivated flower is purple E purpurea, E angustifolia is thought to possess stronger curing virtues and gets used more often by the herbalists and naturopaths.

The character of Echinacea has alternately been described as cool, dry, and strongly pungent. Its main ingredients consist of volatile oils, glycosides, antibiotic polyacetylenes, amides, and inulin. Herbal practitioners value Echinacea for its antibiotic, immune stimulant, antiallergenic, and lymphatic refreshing virtues.

Besides the aerial parts of the Echinacea plant that can be used in herbal tonics, its roots can be used as well. Echinacea roots are usually used for making anti infection or inflammation tinctures and powders. In traditional herbal medicine, Echinacea is commonly used for treating such severe medical problems as kidney infections or for less grave conditions, such as influenza, respiratory infections, etc. Moreover, Echinacea flowers can be used for producing quite efficient capsule antibiotics.

Herbal medicine has found many virtues of the Echinacea plant. People have learned to make Echinacea concoctions, which can considerably intensify the healing process of patients with infections or flues. Patients with influenza, chills or other infection conditions are recommended to take 5 ml doses of Echinacea tincture once every few hours.

The Echinacea plant works well in combination with other herbal remedies, such as buchu and couch grass. Applied together with these plants it can show great results in curing various chronic conditions, such as kidney infection. Mixed with cleavers Echinacea can be use for curing and treating of mononucleosis. This plant is even capable of aiding out people with food poisoning and snakebite conditions.

The patients with wounds can greatly benefit from applying Echinacea flower essences to their injuries by washing their wounds with these essences several times a day. The plant can be used as well for sore throat gurgling. If powdered, it can be applied on the infected or injured skin. It has been efficiently used by patients with weeping boils, infected eczema, and other skin infections.

Most patients take Echinacea plant medicines in a form of capsules, as it is recommended by herbalists and naturopaths. This cure can be taken by patients with acute infections, colds, influenza, urinary tract infections, and kidney infections up to 3 times a day by capsule.