Drivers face a traffic nightmare as they flee before Hurricane Irma

Drivers face a traffic nightmare as they flee before Hurricane IrmaAs the Category 4 Hurricane Irma blasts towards Florida, people continue to evacuate by the thousands — rendering highways and gas stations a nightmare. At a news conference on Thursday, Governor Rick Scott urged those in evacuation zones to get out well before the storm starts. SEE ALSO: Hurricane hunters see 'stadium effect' inside Irma's eye And for the past few days, evacuees have been sharing images of gas stations strapped for fuel and backups all the way to Atlanta as they heed advice and make their way north — many of them seemingly at a snail's pace. #Evacuations headed out on 91 around #PortSaintLucie bumper to bumper. #drivesafe #HurricaneIrma #patience — Tammy Motola ❤️ (@tmotola) September 7, 2017 Traffic near the GA/FL line on I-75. @spann #irma #florida — Kerstin Liberty (@kerstintacious) September 7, 2017 I-95 traffic. Evacuation for Hurricane Irma #IrmaHurricane2017. Stay safe FL. — Gaurav Darekar (@gaurav_darekar) September 8, 2017 Travel plaza warning drivers to only fuel up their vehicles, no gas cans. #HurricaneIrma #Traffic #Evacuation — Kara Duffy (@KaraDuffyCBS12) September 8, 2017 These 6am traffic maps out of Florida tell quite a tale.Be safe. Get out. #Irma #HurricaneIrma #evacuation — Rick Canton (@TheRickCanton) September 8, 2017 It’s 2:40am on Friday morning and this is the traffic leaving Miami. Glad some people are heeding evac orders #irma #evacuation #Hurricane — Nick Adams (@NickAdms) September 8, 2017 Stuck in #evacuation traffic and no gas to be found. #irma #hurricaneirma @weatherchannel — Dr. Beth (@mbbrad4d) September 8, 2017 The National Hurricane Center (NHC) projects that Irma will reach the Florida coast on Saturday. WATCH: How to prepare for natural disasters

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