Delta apologizes after threatening parents with jail time over a seat they purchased

Delta apologizes after threatening parents with jail time over a seat they purchasedSigh. Another day, another airline saying "we're sorry." This time, it's Delta. The airline issued an apology Thursday for an incident in which a Delta employee and a police officer threatened parents with jail time over a seat they'd booked for their son. Brian and Brittany Schear, the passengers Delta booted from their April 23 flight, shared video of the incident on Thursday. Theirs is the latest in a string of videos highlighting customer service issues between employees and passengers. Can we please get it together, airlines? SEE ALSO: Delta threatens parents with jail for trying to use a seat they bought Delta's statement reads: Video of the incident shows Brian Schear arguing with a police officer and presumably a Delta employee over a seat he'd originally purchased for his teenage son. The couple was also traveling with their young children, aged 2 and 1, and had initially planned to hold the kids on their laps for the duration of the flight. When Schear's eldest son booked a seat at the last minute on an earlier flight, Schear decided to use the original seat for his 2-year-old instead.  From there, the situation spun out of control. Delta overbooked the flight, meaning people were waiting to board while attendants looked for extra seats. When Schear refused to give up his teenage son's seat — now his toddler son's seat — Delta employees removed his family from the flight, citing incorrect FAA regulations.  As Reuters notes, Delta's apology came the same day that the U.S. Senate Subcommittee on Aviation Operations, Safety, and Security held a hearing on airline costumer protections. The hearing is a response to the now infamous video of Dr. David Dao being dragged off a United Airlines flight.  WATCH: An all-electric flying car just made its first flight and it's as cool as it sounds

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