Danny Trejo rescues boy trapped in overturned car after crash

Danny Trejo rescues boy trapped in overturned car after crashActor Danny Trejo helped rescue a boy from an overturned vehicle following a car crash, pulling him from the wreck and tending to his safety while awaiting help.The Machete star was in the Sylmar neighbourhood of Los Angeles when two cars collided on Wednesday, according to CBS LA.Trejo and other witnesses can be seen in security footage rushing to the scene moments after the crash, which left an SUV overturned.The actor then got to work pulling a boy from the crashed vehicle. According to Trejo, the boy was “about five” and was “screaming” following the collision.“I just knew how scared he was,” the actor told the TV network.Trejo said he climbed inside the vehicle and struggled to unbuckle the child, until a young female bystander stepped in. The two worked together until Trejo managed to pull the boy out of the SUV.At this point, rescuers were still trying to help the child’s grandmother, who remained in the vehicle.Trejo said he held the child and wanted to distract him from the rest of the scene. “I started talking about, ‘Wait a minute, we’ve got to use our superpowers!’” he said. “And so he goes, ‘Superpowers!’”According to Trejo, the child’s mother arrived at the scene, thanked him, and told him she recognised him.“I just feel great that the Lord put me right there in that spot to do what I did,” Trejo added.

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