Chinese state media just released a terribly racist video mocking Indians

Chinese state media just released a terribly racist video mocking IndiansA video released by Chinese state media is turning heads for all the wrong reasons. The Xinhua News Agency, China's official press agency, on Wednesday released a video accusing India of committing several "sins."  The video features a man dressed in a turban and a fake beard, speaking in a supposed "Indian" accent.  SEE ALSO: FaceApp removes racist selfie filters The video, titled "7 Sins of India", comes amid months of increasing tensions between China and India over a border dispute, which has become known as the Doklam standoff. The three-minute long video sees a Chinese presenter explaining the Doklam standoff via a script chiding India, while the Indian "guest star" enacts a mock dialogue to a canned laugh soundtrack. The host accuses India of being a "bad neighbour," saying that Doklam has been internationally recognised as a "part of China." "Didn't your mama tell you [sic] never break the law?" she asks. Image: xinhua/twitterThe video also sees the "Indian man" — played by a Chinese actor — chirping in to repeat what the presenter has said, speaking in a strong faux accent. Many have criticised the video's racist angle. This is poorly produced, racist & distasteful. No tact. Air your grievances maturely, not like a vindictive child @XHNews. You can do better — Ryan Pino (@Ryan_Pino213) August 17, 2017 China's official news agency Xinhua mocks India, (attempts to) mimic Indian accent in racist video tht parodies a turbaned Indian @htTweets — sutirtho patranobis (@spatranobis) August 16, 2017 FYI @XHNews: It's not okay in the 21st century to have someone dress up in a turban, mock an Indian accent. Shocking from official agency. — Ananth Krishnan (@ananthkrishnan) August 16, 2017 Yes, the Indian caricature is crude & racist. Loads of racist comments online from Indians, but not clever for @XHNews to follow this path. — Kin F. Kam (@DrKinKam) August 16, 2017 Wow, Xinhua has gone full racist! — Carl Zha (@CarlZha) August 16, 2017 According to Sadanand Dhume, an analyst at the American Enterprise Institute, the video shows that Beijing has "absolutely no intention of treating India as an equal." "Instead of framing the disagreement with India as a legitimate dispute, Beijing has chosen to dismiss or mock New Delhi's concerns," he says in a blogpost. The two countries have for months been locked in a standoff after India blocked Chinese efforts to extend a border road through Doklam, a plateau that is claimed by both Bhutan and China.  India, who is one of Bhutan's biggest allies, is concerned that the road would give China greater access to parts of India and is backing Bhutan's claim over the land. It later sent troops to stop China's construction of the road. As of now, both countries have yet to withdraw from the area.  WATCH: Here’s how many people in the U.S. will possibly see the eclipse

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