Brazil works to stem flood of Caesarean deliveries

View of the main entrance of the Albert Einstein hospital in Sao Paulo, Brazil on November 28, 2014Brazil says it must stem the "epidemic" of Caesarean sections — now more than half of all births, or more than any other country in the world. Whether from a fear of pain or that a vaginal birth will leave permanent changes in their sex life — or based on the recommendation of doctors perhaps looking to bag higher fees associated with the surgery — more and more Brazilian women are foregoing labor altogether in favor of scheduled C-sections. "The epidemic of Caesarean births in the country is unacceptable and it must be treated as a public health problem," said Health Minister Arthur Chioro. From July, Brazilian women who take out private insurance will be able to request that their doctor and health center provide statistics on how many Caesarean deliveries are carried out there.

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