Billionaire Richard Branson's private island got absolutely walloped by Irma, and he just posted photos

Billionaire Richard Branson's private island got absolutely walloped by Irma, and he just posted photosAfter waiting out Hurricane Irma in his concrete wine cellar as the storm hit his private Necker Island, Richard Branson's emerged to detail the damage. On Twitter and in a statement on the Virgin Group website, Branson shared photos depicting toppled palm trees and shattered buildings from Necker, the neighboring Virgin Island Gorda, and Puerto Rico.  BVI needs a "Disaster Recovery Marshall Plan” after #Irma – short-term aid & long-term recovery & revitalisation — Richard Branson (@richardbranson) September 11, 2017 While detailing the damage to his personal property, Branson took time to remind readers that this was just a small example of the widespread destruction Irma caused in its tear through the Caribbean. SEE ALSO: Richard Branson is staying on his private island through Hurricane Irma He emphasized that the "Irma story" is neither about him nor his island. Instead, his followers should focus on the "1000s of people who've lost homes & livelihoods." The Virgin website has added a donation option to help raise funds for Irma victims. Necker damage huge, but BVI #Irma story is not about Necker – about 1000s of people who've lost homes & livelihoods — Richard Branson (@richardbranson) September 10, 2017 Branson also had some strong words about the link between Irma—the second most intense hurricane on record in the Atlantic—and global warming.  "Man-made climate change is contributing to increasingly strong hurricanes causing unprecedented damage," wrote Branson on the Virgin website. "The whole world should be scrambling to get on top of the climate change issue before it is too late – for this generation, let alone the generations to come." Much of the buildings and vegetation on Necker has been destroyed or badly damaged. But British Virgin Islands Hurricane #Irma story is not about Necker – it is about the tens of thousands of people who have lost their homes and their livelihoods. @virginunite is coordinating aid to local BVI families & communities affected – please donate to help A post shared by Richard Branson (@richardbranson) on Sep 10, 2017 at 2:25pm PDT This isn't the first time Branson's called for urgent action on climate change. After President Trump's decision to withdraw the U.S. from the Paris Climate Accord, Branson spoke out against the decision, for himself and for other business leaders, and pledged to continue fighting global warming in the private sector.  In addition to combatting climate change, Branson's repeated emphasis on helping the victims of Hurricane Irma is well taken. Many Virgin Island residents are banking on social media to spread word of the damage, and marshal as much aid as possible.  Please donate to @BritishRedCross's #HurricaneIrma Appeal: — Richard Branson (@richardbranson) September 10, 2017 Branson also reminded his followers that the Virgin Islands are bracing for potentially even more damage with the approach of Hurricane Jose. Hurricane Irma really is storm of the century – but urge all in path of Hurricane #Jose to prepare & stay safe too — Richard Branson (@richardbranson) September 9, 2017 Ultimately, Branson said he considers hurricanes "one of the wonders of the natural world." But that the most important thing is to continue coordinating aid and acting on a disaster recovery plan. Here's hoping the billionaire's 11.4 million twitter followers get his message, and act on it. WATCH: Damaging winds and flooding as Hurricane Irma moves on Florida

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