Angela Merkel just eye-rolled Vladimir Putin into 2018

Angela Merkel just eye-rolled Vladimir Putin into 2018Someone should maybe check on German Chancellor Angela Merkel's eyeballs, because we're afraid they may be bouncing somewhere along the floors of the G20 Summit, and if someone were to step on them, that would be bad.  Say what you will about Merkel (and there is plenty to say no matter your political affiliations), one thing we can all agree on is that she is now the official, all-time champion of the "I don't give a f*ck if he's right there, I have zero time for his mansplaining" eye-roll. SEE ALSO: Angela Merkel made damn sure we saw that Putin-Trump handshake May we all feel as comfortable in our own skin as Merkel must have when her eyes told Russian President Vladimir Putin to eat a bag of hot, spicy wingnuts. Just look at this. Mansplaining, G20 style. Watch Angela Merkel’s eye-roll. — SimonNRicketts (@SimonNRicketts) July 7, 2017 Lordy, we're glad they're are tapes, as the Comey says.  Politicians are not, as a general rule, that relatable. But this is certainly something everyone above the age of five has wanted to do. Cathartic, really. Speaking of their personal relationship, Putin more than deserves this. The dude once brought a labrador to a meeting with Merkel because he knew she was afraid of dogs. So, really, just add this G20 Summit moment to a growing list in what we might call a tense relationship.  Speaking of tense relationships, here is a context-less photo of Merkel and United States President Donald Trump that is funny, and a good opportunity to highlight this Pew Research Center poll that shows Americans trust Merkel more than Trump to handle "world affairs." Angela Merkel is all of us. — Hend Amry (@LibyaLiberty) July 7, 2017 Everywhere Merkel looks, old men in suits are saying things to her, and she appears to be letting her feelings about that be known.  WATCH: Trump's outrageous insults throughout his campaign

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