And the award for worst United Airlines joke goes to…

And the award for worst United Airlines joke goes to...The United fiasco was terrible for the airline
and for the poor guy who was forcibly removed from his flight.  But it was great for internet jokes. Ah, the dank memes of justice.  SEE ALSO: United's staff memo makes the internet even angrier—yes, that's possible Sadly, one former politician decided to pile on United Airlines with the worst dad joke anyone has ever told about anything.  Breaking News! @united airlines will be renamed—will now be called UN-TIED and wont hog-tie passengers who have valid boarding pass — Gov. Mike Huckabee (@GovMikeHuckabee) April 11, 2017 Um…no. United Airlines deserves derision for forcing a man off a flight he paid for and bloodying his face. But not like this, Mike. Not like this.  Mike Huckabee doing to comedy what those police did to that poor man on the United flight. — keviN marshalL (@KevinMarshall) April 11, 2017 [at the supermarket, with an increasingly long line of peeved customers waiting to check out]Huckabee: Okay, let me try *ONE* more on you. — Matt Fuller (@MEPFuller) April 11, 2017 When I make a joke and think it might be bad, I remind myself that as long as Mike Huckabee is alive nobody else can be the worst at comedy — Jack Grimes (@Jackapedia_) April 11, 2017 Mike Huckabee has transcended not being funny and is declaring a terrifying war against the very concept of comedy itself — Chance! (@chance_second) April 11, 2017 @bluechoochoo @onlxn He's like the Mike Huckabee of comedy — Brett Doar (@brettdoar) April 11, 2017 Maybe Huckabee should hire the people at Merriam-Webster to run his Twitter account.  WATCH: The internet to United: Re-accommodate doesn't mean what you think it means!

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